Nikki Lewis

Nikki Lewis is the Counselor/Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator for San Carlos Apache College. She works with students in various capacities, helping them meet their needs to be successful in their studies as well as guiding them through their education journeys. She also teaches ECE 110 Emergent Language and Literacy. A course which studies oral and written language acquisition and emergent literacy. It includes assessing typical language development, strategies for promoting children’s language development, creating language-rich environments, exploring children’s literature, and strategies for involving families and community members.

Nikki previously worked with the San Carlos Early Childhood Program as a Mentor Coach. Before this, while working on her graduate degree, she worked as a graduate assistant with Native American Student Affairs (NASA) at the University of Arizona.

She considers herself homegrown, she attended Bylas Lutheran School in her primary years and from 2nd grade on she attended San Carlos elementary, Jr. High, and High School. Upon graduation she attended Yavapai College for 2 years then returned home and joined the workforce. While working various jobs throughout the San Carlos community (Forestry, Apache Gold Pavilion, Apache Burger/Lake Store, SCUSD, Gilson Wash Administration, SCAT Wellness, Domestic Violence Program) she continued to take classes locally through Eastern Arizona College/Gila Community College. Upon completion of her associates degree she moved to Tucson to pursue her Bachelor’s degree. Nikki completed both her undergraduate and graduate degree there. It’s always been goal of Nikki’s to achieve success in higher education and return home to serve her community like her mom.