San Carlos Apache College Staff


President, Dr. Martín Ahumada

Executive Vice President & Provost, Dr. Lisa Eutsey

Professional Staff

Executive Assistant to the President, Nicole T. Stevens

Executive Assistant/Cultural Programming Coordinator, Tia Early

Human Resources Manager, Samantha Alvarez-Santi

Registrar & Coordinator of Student Success Initiatives, Rachael Kenton

Receptionist, Cleopatra Palmer

Financial Aid Officer, Nicole Boni

Retention Coordinator, Kevin Wood

WIOA Institute Coordinator, Chris Phillips

WIOA Case Worker, Avarista Chatlin

Adult Education Instructor, Mike Kim

Intake Clerk & Accounting Tech., Christy Talgo

Business Affairs Specialist , Janell McIntosh

Security Guard, David Jones

Security Guard, Daphne Bolman

Custodian, Nikki Victor

Academic Advising Coordinator & Career Specialist, Nikki Lewis

Director of Curr., Assessment, & Institutional Research, Gerry Himmelreich

IT Manager, Lemuel Meade

Computer Training Coordinator, Lenora Woesner