Faculty Resources

Below are a number of tips offered to our instructors for managing your courses!

Creating Your Online Course

Visit this TOCC Training Series (YouTube playlist) to learn about the many teaching resources and technologies available to our faculty.

Additional course design tips and tricks are located on this resource page.

45th Day Headcount Form

Please click this link to enter your 45th-Day Headcounts for each class section you teach:  (TBD)

Student Referral Form

Please click this link to enter refer a student to SCAC support staff:

Faculty Handbook

Guidelines and expectations are detailed in the SCAC Faculty Handbook (Updated 8/21/20).

Syllabus Template

Please use this Syllabus Template (Microsoft Word format) as the starting point for your syllabi.

Inputting Grades

Please make sure the Total column in your Canvas gradebook is up to date.

Emailing Students

Please see this article: https://scac.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/43000593985

Application for Adjunct Faculty

San Carlos Apache College is always seeking amazing adjunct faculty members to teach courses in a variety of academic disciplines as well as courses for personal enrichment.

Adjunct Faculty Application