Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips serves as the Coordinator for the Institute for Career Development and Workforce Transformation at San Carlos Apache College. Mrs. Phillips has a degree in Educational Studies from Arizona State University. Upon being hired at San Carlos Apache College, her interest and passion for higher education peaked.  The curiosity and concern for her community sparked her interest in pursuing an M.Ed. in Community College/Higher Education at Northern Arizona University, and she graduated in 2021. Mrs. Phillips takes her role with San Carlos Apache College seriously and hopes to encourage other San Carlos Apache Tribal members to pursue higher education.

As Coordinator at San Carlos Apache College, Mrs. Phillips provides direction, leadership, and supervision to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act employees.  Mrs. Phillips has been innovative in reestablishing the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act program. She has reshaped, rebuilt, and promoted the program in the past three years to create more career opportunities for San Carlos Apache Tribe members seeking employment and job skills training. She has experience in training, supervising, empowering, and working well under pressure. It is a wonder how Mrs. Phillips has managed to have a career, pursue education, and still have time as a mother and wife.  The effort and hard work do not go unnoticed by any previous employer she worked for because she has several awards highlighting her work ethic. The President of Eastern Arizona College complimented her by saying, “Chris Phillips is a force to be reckoned with.”