For Faculty

Below are a number of tips offered to our instructors for managing your courses!

Faculty Handbook

Guidelines and expectations are detailed in the SCAC Faculty Handbook (Updated 1/28/18).

Syllabus Template

Please use this Syllabus Template (Microsoft Word format) as the starting point for your syllabi.

Inputting Grades

Please refer to this Jenzabar Grade Entry PDF for tips on entering grades in Jenzabar.

Emailing Students

As instructors, there are a number of ways to get in contact with the students in your class via email. There are built-in messaging tools in Canvas and Jenzabar to do this. However, you may also just want to retrieve student email addresses so that you can use your own preferred email client. Here’s how to get this info, using the Jenzabar collaboration tool.
  • Sign into Jenzabar.
  • Locate your course in the left sidebar.
  • Under your course, click open Collaboration and then the Coursemates section. Click “View printable roster.”

  • You should see a list of your students. Click the first checkbox to select all of them. Click “Email Selected Members.”

  • It will open up a window for emailing them from within Jenzabar. It will also display all of their TOCC email addresses. Feel free to copy and paste those into another email program, or use the built-in messaging tool in Jenzabar.

Application for Adjunct Faculty

San Carlos Apache College is always seeking amazing adjunct faculty members to teach courses in a variety of academic disciplines as well as courses for personal enrichment.

Adjunct Faculty Application