SCAC Status and Central Updates

As details of current situations that impact our institution are released, we will add those resources here:

  • A limited number of Chromebook laptops are available for checkout to local students who do not have a computer of their own to use for academic work. Please review the checkout policies for Chromebooks and fill out the Equipment Checkout Request Form there to start the request process.
  • For help with Technical Issues, you can also search for tech support articles and file help tickets at You can also email or call/text 928-864-9328
  • The SCAC 2020-2022 Catalog has been released!
  • New  students can apply online to SCAC! For help with Admissions and Registrations, please contact
  • Tutoring remains available during this time. Email or call/text 928-200-2067 to set up an appointment.
  • WiFi Internet will be provided to our students even beyond our limited hours of operation if you’d like to access it from outside of our buildings. The current password for our SCAC-Guest wifi network is “apachecollege”.
  • In-person registrations and Accuplacer testing will be postponed until further notice. Past and current students are encouraged to register for classes online by logging into MyTOCC using their TOCC Gmail credentials. You may also use this printable Registration Transaction Form to add or drop classes.
  • General information about the COVID-19 pandemic is listed on our Coronavirus page.

2020 Fall Semester

New / Prospective Students: Apply online to SCAC!
Enrolled / Returning Students: You can go online to add and drop classes during open Add/Drop periods by visiting MyTOCC, logging in, and visiting the Current Student tab. For assistance, contact 928-475-2024 or 928-475-2016 or

Student Orientation: Thu, Aug 20, 1pm Arizona Time. 

Apache Language Resources

Typing in Apache

All of the SCAC lab computers running Windows have the Apache Language keyboard layout installed. To change between the standard US English keyboard and the Nnee Biyáti’ (Western Apache) keyboard, click on the keyboard layout switcher in the system tray at the bottom right of the Desktop. (Conversely, if you’re trying to type in English and you keep getting unexpected accent marks, etc, when typing punctuation marks like the colon, semicolon, and square bracket keys, the Apache keyboard may be enabled and you may need to switch it back to the US English keyboard.)

Windows 7 Keyboard Switcher

Windows 10 Keyboard Switcher

Below is the keymap for setting the various diacritics and accent marks. (You must enable the Western Apache keyboard layout to use this keymap.) Here are also the marks for people who would prefer to copy and paste:
á é í ó ú ą ę į ǫ ų ą́ ę́ į́ ǫ́ ų́ ł ṉ Á É Í Ó Ú Ą Ę Į Ǫ Ų Ą́ Ę́ Į́ Ǫ́ Ų́ Ł Ṉ

Download the full Western Apache Keymap document (PDF) for further details.

If you’d like to install the Apache language keyboard on your own Windows or Mac computer, please find the latest download files and directions at (Search for “Nṉee Biyáti’ (W. Apache)” or “apw” on the linked page.)

You can even type most diacritics on a smartphone by holding down the letter and waiting for additional options to pop up. This works well for inserting high tones (acute accent) and even the letter L with stroke. Unfortunately, we haven’t found a way to type all letters that need a nasal hook, especially along with a high tone on the same letter, without additional tools or techniques (such as copying and pasting letters from the character list above).

Video Recordings from APA101 Class

A selection of abridged video files are provided as a convenience for actively enrolled students of APA101 Apache Language, and requires logging in with your TOCC Gmail credentials. Video recordings are no substitute for attending class, and no guarantees are made about the accuracy nor completeness of the content within. For questions about the content, please consult with your Apache Language instructor.

To access the videos, first login to your TOCC Gmail account, then click this link to access the abridged video recordings. These sessions were filmed during the Spring 2019 semester class held Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:00am-10:40am.

Technical Support

For technical support for using the Western Apache keyboard or accessing the Apache Language video recordings, please contact



Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the San Carlos Apache College website.  I hope this message finds you in good spirits.

The San Carlos Apache Tribal Council is proud of its initiative to provide higher education, through our Apache College, to our children.  This has been a lifelong dream of our people.  This dream has been reinforced through a survey of our people who have stated education is the most important issue facing us today.

We are happy with our Apache College Board of Regents’ efforts in opening the doors to our Apache College this August 2017.  We are thankful to the partnerships we have established with the Gila Community College, Arizona State University, and the Tohono O’odham Community College. I encourage all our high school students to seriously consider our Apache College to further your education.

We envision our Apache College combining personal attention with cultural relevance, in such a way as to encourage our children to pursue higher education at our Apache College, help stem the tide of scholarship dropouts, and to better meet the educational needs of our children.

Thank you,

Terry Rambler, Chairman
San Carlos Apache Tribal Council

Tribal Chairman Terry Rambler