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Welcome to San Carlos Apache College, one of America’s newest Tribal institutions of higher learning! Our vision is written in the Apache Language: Nṉee bi’at’e’ihii nłdzilgo ádanłzih. This phrase translates into English approximately as, “Upholding the power of Apache wisdom & knowledge.” To learn how to apply to our College, please visit the Admissions page.

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2020 Spring Semester

Contact 928-475-2024 or admissions@scat-nsn.gov, or just come to our Admissions office to sign up for classes. If you are already an enrolled student, you can go online to add and drop classes during open Add/Drop periods by logging in to Jenzabar and visiting the Current Student tab. 

Orientation: TBD



Academic Advising – Speak with our Admissions office regarding any of your enrollment questions, including placement tests, courses, programs, careers. Email admissions@scat-nsn.gov or call 928-475-2024.

Eligibility – High school diploma or GED recipient, or current or transfer student from an accredited college or university, or current high school student with permission from school and parents / guardians. We also accept students interested in the College Credit Pathway for an Arizona High School Equivalency Diploma, as well as those taking classes for personal interest. You do not need to be a Tribal member to apply!

Admissions – Download our Application below or pick up an application at our Admissions office. If you are in high school, fill out the Dual Enrollment Form as well.

Transcripts – Send us your official high school / GED transcript and any other college/university transcripts.

Current Fees — We have some of the lowest tuition rates in the nation. $34.25 tuition fee per credit, $2.50 Information Technology (IT) fee per credit, $15.00 Activity fee, $10.00 Processing fee.

Apply for Financial Aid – Complete the FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Our FAFSA School Code is 037844 (Tohono O’odham Community College).

Scholarships — Check here for available scholarship and grant opportunities.

Registration – To register for classes, contact 928-475-2024 or admissions@scat-nsn.gov, or just come to our Admissions office. If you are already an enrolled student, you can also go online to add and drop classes during open Add/Drop periods by visiting Jenzabar, logging in, and visiting the Current Student tab. 

Textbooks – We will order your books for you with free shipping.

Need Help? – Our Admissions office is ready to assist you with any of your enrollment questions! Email admissions@scat-nsn.gov or call 928-475-2024.

Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the San Carlos Apache College website.  I hope this message finds you in good spirits.

The San Carlos Apache Tribal Council is proud of its initiative to provide higher education, through our Apache College, to our children.  This has been a lifelong dream of our people.  This dream has been reinforced through a survey of our people who have stated education is the most important issue facing us today.

We are happy with our Apache College Board of Regents’ efforts in opening the doors to our Apache College this August 2017.  We are thankful to the partnerships we have established with the Gila Community College, Arizona State University, and the Tohono O’odham Community College. I encourage all our high school students to seriously consider our Apache College to further your education.

We envision our Apache College combining personal attention with cultural relevance, in such a way as to encourage our children to pursue higher education at our Apache College, help stem the tide of scholarship dropouts, and to better meet the educational needs of our children.

Thank you,

Terry Rambler, Chairman
San Carlos Apache Tribal Council

Tribal Chairman Terry Rambler